All About Wildlife Art Prints & Its Applications


Nature has blessed us with some of the most outstanding and breathtaking scenaries that every adventure loving person would like to get caught in its beauty. The best way to capture some of these awesome moments is during an expedition to wildlife. Several artists like Carol Decker, Alan Hunt, David Miller and Jeremy Paul are renowned for designing outstanding wildlife art prints and paintings.

These arts are not just pictures taken by professionals, but are a blend of heroism, courage and creative design. Common prints include jungle pictures, wild animals like a Lion, Tiger, colorful mountain birds and much more. Now how to get your hands on such items and where these pics are applied, find out below.

A Visit To The Studio

Some infamous wildlife artists have their own interactive studio built separately or within a portion of their home. You can always pay a direct visit but be sure to contact the person in advance if you are planning to do so at their home. As goes for commercial studios, they are always open to customers.

Holding An Exhibition Is A Good Idea

The best way to get your hands on some of the most outstanding wildlife prints is at an exhibition. There will be a collection of hundreds of relevant creative art displayed brilliantly over the shelves. You will also have a variety to choose from as an exhibition contains not just one, but many different artists and their work.


You must be wondering where these wildlife prints are applied and how an artist earns income selling them. Have a look below to know where you can find these brilliant pictures.

T-shirts: Perhaps the most common use of these wildlife art is on T-shirts. You must have observed plain black or white shirts with such images pasted in the front displaying an animal or any relevant scenic.

An artist takes a live photo via digital camera or Smartphone nowadays, takes a printout of the image, create copies of it and then sell further to textile manufacturing companies where they paste them over different shirts. A fine example would be of a Tiger face picture imprinted on a black, half sleeve T-shirt.

Crockery: Apart from clothing, you will also find such art work on crockery items like plates, mugs and drinking glasses. Children are more appealed to them as they love eating their supper with fun.

Sheets & Furniture: Another common application is over the bedsheets specially designed for children. They love to lay on them, pretending they are a part of the jungle. You will easily find some extraordinary images combined with animation effects pasted over furniture like on a chair or table.

Decoration Pieces: Ever observed a large Lion head with open jaws coming over to bite you, well no worries as it is something you will find frequently on the wall hanging and decoration items. You can beautify your drawing or living room by having such art prints.

Wildlife art prints are considered as the best giveaway you can have for several occasions. Get yourself one today.


Best Civil War Gift Ideas


After the end of Second World War, there has been a dramatic rise of Civil Wars which lasted for a term of four years that is from 1900 to 1944. Around 25 million people died in the aftermath while several states witnessed drastic economic downfall. Somalia, Burma, Angola and Uganda are a few nations which were considered to have the most unshakable economy or so were said before the conflict. This battle raged on further which resulted in total collapse of the already weakened nations.

Today, many Americans celebrate the heroic efforts of soldiers and martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the betterment of their homeland. Due to this reason, Civil War gifts are presented at different occasions as a token of remembrance. Check out below for some wonderful gift ideas that will surely raise that patriotic spirit within you.

Tour de’ Battlegrounds

Perhaps the most inexpensive yet best gift you can give is a visit to the battlefields and related places. Find someone living near to your place who can provide guidance and tour of the war grounds. Most expeditions are arranged in spring and summer costing around $295. So why not be an eye witness, not only do you get to see the place but also a chance to acquire knowledge.


If you want to feel as if in real battle, non firing replicas are just perfect. Visit a gift shop near who keeps historical war merchandise or simply order online to avoid all the hassle. Replica pistols are around $50 however the price may tend to vary. Riffles and swords are other models you can have.


Give your backyard a look of a war field by having Civil war flags, shelters and tents, soldier uniforms, canteens, belt buckles and much more. Have loads of fun and enjoy a travel back in time.

War Movies

Nothing is more rewarding than a weekend night when you get to sit with your family and friends and enjoy a movie. So why not gift someone civil war movies and make their night memorable. You can order DVD’s from online stores or have them on rent from local library. Some cool related movies which are a must see include Cold Mountain, Journey to Shiloh, Gods and Generals.

Books to Read Along

Why not present someone with outstanding books and novels so they can sit back, relax, have a cup of coffee, and get indulged in the moment. Dozens of books are available on almost every bookstore. Killer Angels by Michael Shaara and Guns Of The South by Harry Turtledove are worth reading, so try them today.

All the Games You Can Play

Not only youngsters but adults also have a passion for war games so why not have them as a present! You can easily find board and video games in any multimedia store. Why not browse over the internet and download one on your computer?

There are many other civil war gifts you can have for yourself like puzzles, art pieces, pictures and much more. The aforementioned are considered best if you want to feel and live the moment. Enjoy!

All About The Byers’ Choice Collectables


The Byers’ Choice Company was started as a small family business back in the 1960’s when Joyce Byers spend the days and weeks of December crafting small and delicate Carolers for her friends and family. However, what started as a small interest of giving hand crafted gifts to friends soon grew into a full fledge business that now has more than 80 handcraft artists working on these figurines at the time of Christmas.

The Carolers that are created by the hardworking staff of Byers’ choice are sold in a variety of physical and virtual gift stores across the United States and has become quite a trend among people young and old. One of the greatest things about buying these Byers’ choice collectables is that you can also choose from a variety of styles and hair color and buy something that is truly unique. This will be good for you because instead of buying the same sort of carolers, you will have the opportunity to purchase figurines that are new and which will look good no matter where they are placed.

Now even though the Byers’ choice collectables were a special tradition for Christmas, the company has started to sell figurines for other occasions as well because of their immense popularity. Here are some of the categories of the collections that you’ll be able to find.

• Santa & Christmas Legend
• African American Carolers
• Toddlers
• Street Vendors and a range of others

Keeping Your Collectables Safe

If you are planning to buy or have already bought the Byers’ choice special handcrafted figurines then you must also know that caring for and properly storing them is the key if you want to use them as décor items each Christmas. Go through some of the tips mentioned below and you’ll find some perfect ways in which you can keep your Byers’ choice collectables away from harm or damage.

1. Some of the parts of a collectable caroler is made of metal, which is away you need to keep them away from any and all moisture. Also avoid keeping them in humid places because you may run the risk of getting them rusted and damaged. In fact, one of the safest places to store your caroler is a cool and dry place. Also make sure that you keep the collectable inside a dry paper as this will give it extra protection.

2. If you have a pet or small toddlers running around, ensure that you keep the carolers out of their sight. Because carolers are gently crafted and made of plaster, any sudden knocks or falls and the Byers’ choice collectables may be broken. So when Christmas time is over or when you don’t need to decorate your house with these carolers, place them somewhere where only adults can reach.

3. Even though the carolers can take a little bit of heat, they won’t like it if you place them in sunlight for a prolonged time. Keep these little figurines away from sunlight or else they may lose color not only from their face, but their clothes as well.

Finding, buying and decorating your house with these special collectable items is surely something that you should do every now and then. But be careful about where you buy your figurines from as a lot of websites may not be selling the authentic products.

Browsing Can Help You Find Good Bargains


You don’t always have to pay a lot of money to get good stuff. You could find great stuff on the net – from art to figurines

Santa – one of a kind

One of the sites I visited offers handmade figures, custom made to suit all occasions. Since Christmas is here, I checked out all the festival figures. My favorite was Byers Choice Santa – you just can’t help liking this figure. Byers Choice Santa gives you a variety of figures you will not find anywhere else. My favorite is the figure with a bike and a sack of presents; it is so sweet that you can’t help smiling. It is a bit steep but it is so different from what you would see in the market that I can’t help not getting it for myself.

Get the picture

I have been looking for something to put up in my lounge and as I like the countryside I have been looking for something that is simple and rustic. I found just the thing while browsing Dave Barnhouse prints. Simple pictures of the softer side of America are rare, but the Dave Barnhouse prints collection is very interesting and has a wide range to choose from. These are not as expensive as paintings would be, but they are just as good. So that is a good option to check if you are also looking for nice paintings.

Art of war

My brother has always been interested in historical paintings but doesn’t have the money to spend on these. I found this website for him which offers a variety of Civil War art, which also includes many a Mort Kunstler print one of the best on offer. My mother has not only browsed through this variety of Civil War art and shared it with his friends, but he has also bought a Mort Kunstler print or two.

Getting it right

Having bought these, my brother had to put them on the wall. For these he looked around for picture perfect custom framing because he said that such great items need to be look good when they were put on their walls. Picture perfect custom framing is a great way to give your painting your own signature style. These come in a large variety and can also be made according to what you want. A good frame makes a big difference and helps to enhance the overall look of the room you are placing the item in. However, you need be aware of the size of the room and understand that not everything will suit your room even if you change some other thing around. You will have to keep the color and shape to suit the shape and size of the place you put it in.

Art Is Just A Click Away


If art is your stuff, but you can’t afford expensive works displayed in galleries, you can still satiated the artist inside you by buying the beautiful work of some great contemporary artists. There are many artists who work on canvas and offer their work at affordable prices.

Cyber gallery

All you have to do is find their outlets. If that is not possible, you can find their websites for example if you are a Dave Barnhouse fan, you could visit his work online to checkout his paintings closely at your own leisure in the comfort of your home. Not only can you checkout Dave Barnhouse’s work displayed but you can also check out the price and have it delivered to you. Now isn’t that convenient.

In search of…

Man has always been fascinated with the human form and has always made figures like toy dolls, full length statutes and figurines. These have been recovered from excavation sites from all over the world as old as three thousand years and older. These figures reveal a lot of information from how people lived in the past – the way they looked, what they wore and what fashions they followed. These were made from stone, clay, cloth and porcelain. The latter figurines are more detailed and more expensive, and are usually displayed over the mantelpieces. People travel all over the world to get the rare piece, which usually costs them a bundle but they still try and get customized pieces to show-off in their homes.

Closer than you think

Now you may not have to travel all over the world to get a rare figurine; it could be closer than you thought. And you can check the piece you want to buy in detail without fearing that the fragile beauty will break before you buy it. If you checkout the figure on a website you could probably study the piece you want at your own leisure. And make you decision whenever you are satisfied with your study of it. This is only possible via the web – let’s say you visit a website offering figurines e.g. Byers Christmas Carolers.

Figurines for every season

Your common figurine is usually based on a particular pattern for example you buy them from England and you get the usual country children or shepherd with sheep or ladies and lords dressed in their finery. But what if you want something different, say a special figure for Christmas or for Halloween what do you do? You can get these from special places or on order. One such place you could check out is Byers Christmas Carolers and select from a variety of figurines already on display with the prices visible. The best part of browsing such websites is that you not only get to see the piece close-up at your own pace, but you get a small write-up giving you special details about what you are buying. Sometimes these short notes give you a little information or history about the piece, which can help you in understanding or relating to the piece you are buying.
Browsing through pretty objects is a nice way to pass time and now you can do it from the comfort of your couch.