You don’t always have to pay a lot of money to get good stuff. You could find great stuff on the net – from art to figurines

Santa – one of a kind

One of the sites I visited offers handmade figures, custom made to suit all occasions. Since Christmas is here, I checked out all the festival figures. My favorite was Byers Choice Santa – you just can’t help liking this figure. Byers Choice Santa gives you a variety of figures you will not find anywhere else. My favorite is the figure with a bike and a sack of presents; it is so sweet that you can’t help smiling. It is a bit steep but it is so different from what you would see in the market that I can’t help not getting it for myself.

Get the picture

I have been looking for something to put up in my lounge and as I like the countryside I have been looking for something that is simple and rustic. I found just the thing while browsing Dave Barnhouse prints. Simple pictures of the softer side of America are rare, but the Dave Barnhouse prints collection is very interesting and has a wide range to choose from. These are not as expensive as paintings would be, but they are just as good. So that is a good option to check if you are also looking for nice paintings.

Art of war

My brother has always been interested in historical paintings but doesn’t have the money to spend on these. I found this website for him which offers a variety of Civil War art, which also includes many a Mort Kunstler print one of the best on offer. My mother has not only browsed through this variety of Civil War art and shared it with his friends, but he has also bought a Mort Kunstler print or two.

Getting it right

Having bought these, my brother had to put them on the wall. For these he looked around for picture perfect custom framing because he said that such great items need to be look good when they were put on their walls. Picture perfect custom framing is a great way to give your painting your own signature style. These come in a large variety and can also be made according to what you want. A good frame makes a big difference and helps to enhance the overall look of the room you are placing the item in. However, you need be aware of the size of the room and understand that not everything will suit your room even if you change some other thing around. You will have to keep the color and shape to suit the shape and size of the place you put it in.