The Byers’ Choice Company was started as a small family business back in the 1960’s when Joyce Byers spend the days and weeks of December crafting small and delicate Carolers for her friends and family. However, what started as a small interest of giving hand crafted gifts to friends soon grew into a full fledge business that now has more than 80 handcraft artists working on these figurines at the time of Christmas.

The Carolers that are created by the hardworking staff of Byers’ choice are sold in a variety of physical and virtual gift stores across the United States and has become quite a trend among people young and old. One of the greatest things about buying these Byers’ choice collectables is that you can also choose from a variety of styles and hair color and buy something that is truly unique. This will be good for you because instead of buying the same sort of carolers, you will have the opportunity to purchase figurines that are new and which will look good no matter where they are placed.

Now even though the Byers’ choice collectables were a special tradition for Christmas, the company has started to sell figurines for other occasions as well because of their immense popularity. Here are some of the categories of the collections that you’ll be able to find.

• Santa & Christmas Legend
• African American Carolers
• Toddlers
• Street Vendors and a range of others

Keeping Your Collectables Safe

If you are planning to buy or have already bought the Byers’ choice special handcrafted figurines then you must also know that caring for and properly storing them is the key if you want to use them as décor items each Christmas. Go through some of the tips mentioned below and you’ll find some perfect ways in which you can keep your Byers’ choice collectables away from harm or damage.

1. Some of the parts of a collectable caroler is made of metal, which is away you need to keep them away from any and all moisture. Also avoid keeping them in humid places because you may run the risk of getting them rusted and damaged. In fact, one of the safest places to store your caroler is a cool and dry place. Also make sure that you keep the collectable inside a dry paper as this will give it extra protection.

2. If you have a pet or small toddlers running around, ensure that you keep the carolers out of their sight. Because carolers are gently crafted and made of plaster, any sudden knocks or falls and the Byers’ choice collectables may be broken. So when Christmas time is over or when you don’t need to decorate your house with these carolers, place them somewhere where only adults can reach.

3. Even though the carolers can take a little bit of heat, they won’t like it if you place them in sunlight for a prolonged time. Keep these little figurines away from sunlight or else they may lose color not only from their face, but their clothes as well.

Finding, buying and decorating your house with these special collectable items is surely something that you should do every now and then. But be careful about where you buy your figurines from as a lot of websites may not be selling the authentic products.