After the end of Second World War, there has been a dramatic rise of Civil Wars which lasted for a term of four years that is from 1900 to 1944. Around 25 million people died in the aftermath while several states witnessed drastic economic downfall. Somalia, Burma, Angola and Uganda are a few nations which were considered to have the most unshakable economy or so were said before the conflict. This battle raged on further which resulted in total collapse of the already weakened nations.

Today, many Americans celebrate the heroic efforts of soldiers and martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the betterment of their homeland. Due to this reason, Civil War gifts are presented at different occasions as a token of remembrance. Check out below for some wonderful gift ideas that will surely raise that patriotic spirit within you.

Tour de’ Battlegrounds

Perhaps the most inexpensive yet best gift you can give is a visit to the battlefields and related places. Find someone living near to your place who can provide guidance and tour of the war grounds. Most expeditions are arranged in spring and summer costing around $295. So why not be an eye witness, not only do you get to see the place but also a chance to acquire knowledge.


If you want to feel as if in real battle, non firing replicas are just perfect. Visit a gift shop near who keeps historical war merchandise or simply order online to avoid all the hassle. Replica pistols are around $50 however the price may tend to vary. Riffles and swords are other models you can have.


Give your backyard a look of a war field by having Civil war flags, shelters and tents, soldier uniforms, canteens, belt buckles and much more. Have loads of fun and enjoy a travel back in time.

War Movies

Nothing is more rewarding than a weekend night when you get to sit with your family and friends and enjoy a movie. So why not gift someone civil war movies and make their night memorable. You can order DVD’s from online stores or have them on rent from local library. Some cool related movies which are a must see include Cold Mountain, Journey to Shiloh, Gods and Generals.

Books to Read Along

Why not present someone with outstanding books and novels so they can sit back, relax, have a cup of coffee, and get indulged in the moment. Dozens of books are available on almost every bookstore. Killer Angels by Michael Shaara and Guns Of The South by Harry Turtledove are worth reading, so try them today.

All the Games You Can Play

Not only youngsters but adults also have a passion for war games so why not have them as a present! You can easily find board and video games in any multimedia store. Why not browse over the internet and download one on your computer?

There are many other civil war gifts you can have for yourself like puzzles, art pieces, pictures and much more. The aforementioned are considered best if you want to feel and live the moment. Enjoy!