Nature has blessed us with some of the most outstanding and breathtaking scenaries that every adventure loving person would like to get caught in its beauty. The best way to capture some of these awesome moments is during an expedition to wildlife. Several artists like Carol Decker, Alan Hunt, David Miller and Jeremy Paul are renowned for designing outstanding wildlife art prints and paintings.

These arts are not just pictures taken by professionals, but are a blend of heroism, courage and creative design. Common prints include jungle pictures, wild animals like a Lion, Tiger, colorful mountain birds and much more. Now how to get your hands on such items and where these pics are applied, find out below.

A Visit To The Studio

Some infamous wildlife artists have their own interactive studio built separately or within a portion of their home. You can always pay a direct visit but be sure to contact the person in advance if you are planning to do so at their home. As goes for commercial studios, they are always open to customers.

Holding An Exhibition Is A Good Idea

The best way to get your hands on some of the most outstanding wildlife prints is at an exhibition. There will be a collection of hundreds of relevant creative art displayed brilliantly over the shelves. You will also have a variety to choose from as an exhibition contains not just one, but many different artists and their work.


You must be wondering where these wildlife prints are applied and how an artist earns income selling them. Have a look below to know where you can find these brilliant pictures.

T-shirts: Perhaps the most common use of these wildlife art is on T-shirts. You must have observed plain black or white shirts with such images pasted in the front displaying an animal or any relevant scenic.

An artist takes a live photo via digital camera or Smartphone nowadays, takes a printout of the image, create copies of it and then sell further to textile manufacturing companies where they paste them over different shirts. A fine example would be of a Tiger face picture imprinted on a black, half sleeve T-shirt.

Crockery: Apart from clothing, you will also find such art work on crockery items like plates, mugs and drinking glasses. Children are more appealed to them as they love eating their supper with fun.

Sheets & Furniture: Another common application is over the bedsheets specially designed for children. They love to lay on them, pretending they are a part of the jungle. You will easily find some extraordinary images combined with animation effects pasted over furniture like on a chair or table.

Decoration Pieces: Ever observed a large Lion head with open jaws coming over to bite you, well no worries as it is something you will find frequently on the wall hanging and decoration items. You can beautify your drawing or living room by having such art prints.

Wildlife art prints are considered as the best giveaway you can have for several occasions. Get yourself one today.